AI powered, real-time monitoring of your pumps and rotational assets that predicts failure before you lose time and money.

Scaling World Class Performance, Using the Wisdom of the Fleet

PumpsAI enables top-performing companies to scale world-class performance across their fleets through a single-minded focus on pumps and their optimization.
Using real-time monitoring, PumpsAI’s vision is to build the world’s largest multi-brand pump performance dataset. Armed with this massive data and AI, PumpsAI will provide an intelligence edge for our customers. Less downtime, higher yield, more profit.
The Promise of AI, Delivered Today

Put an End to Downtime.
Start Optimizing Your Uptime.

Real-Time Monitoring

Consistent performance with accurate, live visibility into your entire fleet.

Replicate Your Best Performers

Optimize and match performance across all like assets, across multiple locations.

The Future, Today

Future-proof your operations and gain a competitive edge using the data you are already collecting.

Squeaky Clean Data, Without the Cleaning

Remove the need for data cleansing, aggregation and normalization – jump right to meaningful insight.

Normalized Variation

The High Cost of Unexpected Variation

The difference between expected and actual performance has costly impact to your organization.

Product impacted by pump failures can be doomed to the waste bin and variation in pump lifetime means predicting failures using historical averages may be guesswork at best.

Computers Are Awesome

AI Predicts the

Complex signatures seen across disparate signals are difficult to identify with the human eye. In a fleet of thousands of pumps, it’s a massive job to track each pump’s unique history and monitor performance.

PumpsAI machine learning identifies non-normal conditions to provide predictions long before a human can.

Get Back to Meaningful Work

Free Your Team
to Innovate

Your team is talented and should spend their time doing what they do best, innovating. Often, engineers spend too much time cleansing, merging, and sifting through data.

With PumpsAI, your team can view assets in real-time and actionable insights are delivered by automated workflows.

Spend more time innovating

No more disruptions,
just progress

Analyzing heaps of disparate data is monotonous and annoying, especially across a fleet of thousands of pumps. Unpredicted down time has negative effects felt across the entire organization. We want to help you make use of all your data to accurately get ahead of failure, while freeing up your time to let you innovate.

  • Accurate predictions on pump failure
  • No need to cleanse mountains of data – just insights
  • Free your engineers to innovate

Try PumpsAI today, risk-free.

Let us show you exactly how we can give you the promise of AI, today.